Easy company updates so you can BuildInPublic and track your progress.

Want to Build in Public? So did we, so we built Threadr. Now you can quickly build daily, weekly, or monthly updates and share them as Twitter threads. All your updates stay in one place, and there is space for your private mussings, too. It's free to use during beta testing, so register now!

How does it work?


Register quickly with the above form. Now free while in Beta.

Authorize Twitter

Once verified you will be able to create a company profile and link your Twitter account.

Post Updates

After granting Threadr access to your Twitter you can then use our interface to build "investor update" styled company updates.

How does it look?

Clean and simple.


What do the updates look like?

At launch we are offering “investor update” style updates. We include space to provide a Tweet each on product updates, management updates, successes, struggles, metrics, and requests for help, as well as a private notes section. Once you hit publish we generate a Twitter thread from your linked company account. Boom, update complete!

I don't have investors, why should I do this?

Perspective and accountability. Doing a monthly update on your project forces you to stand back and think about what you have accomplished in the past month and what you want to do in the next 30 days. Doing it in public is a great way to share your journey and give you a sense of accountability.

Why not just use Typefully or another tool?

Threadr allows you to save and review your updates, it's not Twitter threads for threads sake. Think of Threadr as a startup journal with a BuildInPublic component. If you are organized enough to remember to do a monthly review and save your notes then you probably don't need Threadr. If you'd like a gentle monthly reminder to reflect on your progress and a place to save and share those thoughts, then Threadr is for you.

What's in the pipeline?

Our plan is to quickly build out the ability for you to create daily standup Tweets, but really we want to hear from you on what you’d want to see next.

How often can I post updates?

Ideally investor updates are a once per month task, so that sounds about right to us. Once we integrate the idea of a “stand up” update then either weekly or daily, depending on your own personal preference.

How much does this cost?

While in early beta testing (right now) Threadr is free. Once out of beta, Threadr will be $29/year, with two investor updates allowed as a trial period. Our trial does not require a credit card on file and we will eventually process payments using Stripe.

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